Tuesday, 31 March 2009

first draft of the description of mary

She was exquisite; her eyes glittered in the soft light filtering through the hall windows. Captivating sapphires in the soft features of her face, her skin, pale and flawless, the slightest brush of rouge gracing her cheeks making the sumptuous scarlet of her lips even more striking. The soft curls of her rich brown cascaded down over he shoulders, framing her perfect face.

Her clothes were simple, a knee length brown skirt and neatly pressed white blouse, she wore heels, but she still stood several inches below Jonas. The demure nature of her garments failed to hide the slender elegance of her figure, in fact the subdued outfit extenuated the underlying beauty.

She was brighter than the sun in Jonas’ world, a shining star that was always present even in the darkest times, always there. He could never love any one like her; and as he walked towards him, her face illuminated with a tender smile, he felt all the troubles of recent times melt away like ice in a fire. 

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