Friday, 24 April 2009


what am i up to at the moment.
literally at THIS moment. I'm writing this. and now this. and now this. and now this. and now this. and now this... yeah :/
but generally, there are two answers.
one (for those who dont really know me and thus might be stupid... erm, trusting enough to believe this): i am finalizing plans for the invasion of france, whilst nearing completion of project x!
all is going to plan...

two: for those who know me (damn you all!): im failing at essay writing, being a bit blah at life and wondering what is going on in general. the big question "Badger". all that kinda shit.
trying to decide what to do at uni for the next year of my life. animation? concept? layout? D= i just dont KNOW. choicefail.
thinking layout i cant draw people for fuck. well. i cant Animate people. i CAN draw them. sort of. 

on a slightly happier note there really IS a project x. though its not a world ending steampunk super weapon of death and argh.
its a model of a world ending steampunk super weapon of death and argh.
its basically a redesign of the knight from yonder times. for those of you who dont know what i mean by yonder times check out my dev art. or more specifically check out this piece:
id rather you didn't look at the rest. as its a festering hive of scum and villainy directly below the main exhaust port that is strong with you and you must learn to focus your mind and do or do not for there is as a great blog of latex once said. no try... but as i was saying please DONT look at the rest of my shit. cos it really is of a neglegably poor nature that warrants my hands being removed from my body before being used in a sodomistic ritual involving a goat and a whale called barry.

so yesh! the knight is that thing, it was my foundation/nd FMP, and it was awesome-ish
its a stop motion pupper but it never really worked well, however now with the hopefull help of heir barnes, it should become a new sexy version, steampunked up and made of win.

toodles people.

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