Friday, 30 April 2010


So yeah, this is a li'l sample of my pitch stuff.
After nearly 4 months of work i pitched on monday and i must admit it could have gone worse. i've felt better about it through out the week, specially now quite a few people are saying they wanna work for me.
Not that im through yet, votings not till the tenth, if i dont get through then i'll post my animatic, if i do, then i'll probably just find the largest font i cant and post "fuck yeah" (y)


The drawing unit. 'nough said?

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Saturday, 17 April 2010


Look! a crappy progress shot of rhinogirl.
i like painting though... its relaxing.
Currently listening to Koto music and trying to psych myself up to redraw my whole storyboard so its presentable.


Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Im bored so..

Here's an update of the rhino riding picture.
Probably a few more hours of drawing left. need to add the background patterns which will be gustav klimpt-ish, the lillies in the bottom right, and shade a bit more.

Now off to storyboard. hurrah!


Work in progress

These are a few quick shots of a piece im working on at the moment for my drawing unit. and one of my desk... why not ey?
Not happy with the face (with a body) the other one is good.

Stress? oh god yes...


Thursday, 8 April 2010


... while im epicly procrastinating:

Currently working on an animatic for my second year pitch (in 2.5 weeks time D:). never thought it could be quite such a pain to storyboard and time a film... im going slowly mad(er.)
About to start attempt no.2 at choreographing and boarding the fight at the end of my film ( a terrific showdown between two characters of such awesome that the world may break - even more badass than pirate zombie ninja godzilla D:... or not. but still).

wish me luck D:

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Some Uni work.

Few scraps of work from early on this term. i swapped films in january to a CGI production called "At"
i was tasked with sorting out the composition on the desk, pretty much the sole background/set in the film.
Check out the director Pete's blog for a render of the character, Geoff, and some more on his portfolio
was a really good experience this, though not long lived, as i got to do a lot of composition work that really improved my ability to think about placement, and has really helped me over all, also, it was great to just do some decent detailed work (and have it appreciated... :p)

oh and the film is (obviously) about a violin maker... all i can say though ;)

Bit of random stuff from the autumn term.

And here, is a spot of work from the first film i worked on... not quite such an enjoyable experience, but a valuable one nonethe less, i did, in hindsight, learn a reasonable amount, just not the things youd expect.

the top image here is a tonal and atmosphere concept, i really liked this.... it wasnt used. at all.
the others are just general design, and process for the productionstill.
all the images on pretty backgrounds were composited for assessment.

Hopefully some personal work posts comming soon. :) toodles


Monday, 5 April 2010

Itsa map! D:

Did this a couple of weeks ago for AUCB acting department's production of Dracular. was pretty last minute, but it does its job.
check out Phil Andrews' blog for a bit more info on it. >>

oh and the reason for the lacking updates? cos i havent done anything... :/

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Professor Doctor Theodor Meuchler.

That would be him.
Progress shot.
Only on here cos some people are too lazy to accept file transfers... :p