Sunday, 9 October 2011

the full comic


  1. Great effort with the comic dude!!
    Loving the colours and the style!!
    I haven't seen any of the recent AUCB movies for the last couple of years, but im really diggin the concepts and designs for your film on your blog!! :)
    The film poster looks great, and the few painted backgrounds look super!!
    So, im assuming you have all wrapped up with student life now and are working/looking for in the big wide animation world!? :P
    All the best and i hope its goin' well.
    I wanna see your film now... will have to get anne to send us the latest show reels!! See wot all the industry newbes are up too!! :D
    Great work!!
    I'll make sure to swing by again!
    Best wishes,

    1. oh wow this is possibly the latest reply i've ever posted. oops :p
      i never really check blogger, sorry!
      thank you so much i've always loved the background work you do, so that means a lot :D
      this comic turned out ok, i've been working on a lot more since